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D2, Block 65/2/2, MIDC, Chinchwad,
Pune - 411 019

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Email : info@tusharengg.com

Laser Cutting

TEPL has fiber laser Cutting Machine with double pallets loading system. We offers customized solutions for your Steel Fabrication needs and give timely and responsive solution which is also monitored by our core team who has an excellent knowledge of fabrication engineering. Our customized Laser Cutting Service which fit to your needs has capacity of cutting up to 12 mm thickness.

CNC Bending

TEPL has latest CNC Bending machine with the help of which we offers better quality bending services up to 2 meters in length for bending of sheet metal and complicated components that includes brackets, enclosures, elevator components, chassis, etc. We have emerged as one of the customer centric CNC Bending Services by, ensuring best services.

Metal Fabrication

TEPL offers innovative solutions for exceptional results in Welding services along with Laser cutting and CNC bending. We have expertise in Metal arc, MIG, TIG, Spot and Stud welding services. We have experienced welders to carry out any difficult jobs to fulfill our customer needs.

Laser cutting is a material modification process where an intense beam of high-density light energy guided by mirrors cuts into metal vaporizing the material upon impact.

  • Narrow kerif widths.

  • Low setup cost.

  • Optimum utilization of sheet metal.

  • Minimal material distortion.

  • Quick lead times.

  • Quick changeover.